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  • coffeelint - Sure CoffeeScript brews into lint-checked JavaScript; but have you ever wanted to make sure that your CoffeeScript itself is as clean and well-formed as it could be? CoffeeLint by Matt Perpick could be just what you’re looking for.

  • Rosetta Code CoffeeScript Examples - A great list of example CoffeeScript code for a wide range of programming topics. If you feel like contributing or just want a pointer for a small problem to practice CoffeeScript with, check out their Tasks not implemented in CoffeeScript list and code them up.

  • CoffeeScript Love - A fan blog dedicated to the “little language that compiles into JavaScript”. Another (ahem) good resource for keeping up-to-date with CoffeeScript.

  • Code School - CoffeeScript - Expanding on their excellent JavaScript, jQuery, Rails, HTML, and Ruby tutorials: Code School has added CoffeeScript. I’ve been quite impressed with the presentation and quality of their courses and this looks like no exception.


  • Writing Eloquent JavaScript Without CoffeeScript - Oscar Godson makes a case for getting some of the syntax benefits of CoffeeScript by being clever about JavaScript syntax.

  • A Case Against Using CoffeeScript - Ryan Florence argues that CoffeeScript isn’t a good idea because it separates the programmed code from the executed code thus increasing the difficulties debugging and maintaining the codebase. A lot of his points depend on subjective arguments, but it and its discussion on Hacker News are well worth a read.

  • Should You Learn CoffeeScript? - An amazing panel discussion by a good group of programmers ranging from CoffeeScript promoters to naysayers. Seriously, both the above Ryan Florence and Oscar Godson are included as well as Jeremy Ashkenas, Brendan Eich, and Trever Burnham. If you are at all interested in CoffeeScript (and I’m betting you are) this is an amazing read.

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