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Freshly Brewed CoffeeScript Issue #0

Hey, Peter Cooper is a smart guy and JavaScript Weekly is exceedingly awesome. Let’s see if CoffeeScript has enough traffic to merit a weekly post of news and links.

Issue #0?

I’ve got a backlog of CoffeeScript links to get out. This issue covers my links older than a week, Issue #1 will be following shortly with the latest in CoffeeScript news, articles, and resources.

Code and Resources

  • CoffeeScript, Meet Backbone.js: A Tutorial - A five part Backbone.js and CoffeeScript tutorial by Adam Spooner. It starts at “Hello, Backbone!” and builds to greater complexity. Its designed to be cloned (or forked) from Github and followed locally, not just read from the site.

  • Do I Have To Use CoffeeScript In Rails? - A joke by Jason Seifer :-)

  • Smooth CoffeeScript - A very, very nice introductory book on CoffeeScript by E. Hoigaard. The book is completely open source and freely available. The site nicely provides a set of links for readability integration. Smooth CoffeeScript attempts to be an evolution of Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke; as such it’s a great introduction to JavaScript/CoffeeScript in general.

  • The Little Book on CoffeeScript - Another completely open source CoffeeScript book by Alex MacCaw. It’s also a great introduction to the basics of the language and a good go-to reference. The “Bad Parts” section is a good overview of CoffeeScript pitfalls to watch out for.

  • CoffeeTags - A simple tool for generating Ctags compatible CoffeeScript tags so you can easily explore CoffeeScript projects in vim.

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